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SRF Converter How To convert SRF Sony Photos

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  Total Image Converter is one of the greatest SRF converters available today. This new tool supports all popular image formats and converts SRF photos to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA, etc., in seconds. It is very easy to use, since it features a robust and intuitive interface and a number of advanced editing options.

What is SRF? Total Image Converter supports the SRF format. SRF is an uncompressed image format used by Sony digital cameras. SRF files contain data, which is presented exactly as it was captured by the camera's sensor. The data include color temperature, saturation, exposure, headers, etc. This raw data can be edited after a SRF file is saved on a PC. Like all other uncompressed image files, SRF files are too big to be transmitted online and not compatible with popular viewing and editing tools and therefore require conversion.

How to Convert SRF files

Total Image Converter makes no bones about formats. It converts from any raw format in a uniform fashion. You just need to select files to be converted and specify your preferred target format.

Run the program and choose the folder with SRF files contained in it from the folder tree. Check one or several files or press Check All to have all the files check-marked automatically. The files you have checked will be converted to the format you will specify in the format bar or Convert menu. Check the target format.

Use the Wizard to select your destination folder and preferred image quality option. Here you can rotate, resize and crop your images. Use the built-in viewer to preview your files before conversion. Once you have made your settings, click Start.

Command line option permits you to convert SRF images from within any other application. You can manage your files from the desktop, since the utility integrates into the right-button menu.

This program is shareware. You can use the free trial version and use it for 30 days to see how it works. If you have purchased our converter, you will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis. Please, contact us and tell us what you like and do not like about our tool.

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