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Convert SVG to SWF In Batches

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Total CAD Converter is a highly versatile utility, which is used to convert SVG to SWF in batches and features an intuitive user interface and wizard window. The latter allows you to adjust conversion settings, which are saved automatically, so that they will work next time you use this program. This saves you the necessity of readjusting settings every time you need to make SVG into SWF.

Apart from conversion, this program allows you to change file size. Thanks to batch function, you can convert and change the size of as many as a hundred SVG files in just a few clicks!

With this CAD converter, you can sort your output files in folders, so that you know where each one is located and can find it when necessary.

Right-button option is an excellent solution when you need to convert just one SVG file to SWF from the desktop. Just right-click on a SVG file and select Convert to.

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How to Make SVG into SWF

Take your time and view the interface of the program. There are three main panels that you can see. On the left, there is the folder tree. Select the folder with SVG files. You will see these files in the middle panel. Check the files, which you want to convert to SWF. Press "Check All" to check all the files. The graphic content of your files will be shown in the right-hand panel.

Select SWF in the format toolbar. Apply the wizard options. Here you can specify destination, colors, image size (width and height), rotate and crop your images. Also, you can apply different compression parameters, photometric interpretation and paper size options. When you have adjusted your settings, press Start button and wait.

Convert SVG to SWF In Batches

If you are not well familiar with the program yet, you can skip adjusting the settings and use default parameters.

If you are not used to taking descriptions on trust, press the "Free Download" button and use the 30-day demo version. If you like this batch SVG SWF converter, you may buy the key and register.

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021
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