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Convert SWG to TIFF Via Command Line

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SVG files have more than proved their worth to designers over the years. But we've all had times where the client simply won't be satisfied until they see the mock-ups as a TIFF. How often you found yourself looking for a SVG to TIFF converter at the eleventh hour with the clock ticking?

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There is of course always the old-fashioned option of re-opening the source file and reaching for the trusty "Save SVG as TIFF" option but that's a) not always available and b) a waste of your valuable time.

Interested in a better solution? Look no further than the TotalCADConverter. It's built for batch processing, runs smoothly on the command line and can convert to a complete range of CAD input and output formats.


Take it for a spin right now with our free trial or keep reading to learn more about its capabilities as a SVG to TIFF converter.

  • Edit As You Convert

    You're not forced to re-open the original source files if you want to make small changes when converting your SVG to TIFF. TotalCADConverter comes fully equipped with simple and intuitive crop, rotate and resize tools you can access in the app.

  • Tackling Your TIFFs With Ease

    No more worrying about TIFF output options! The TotalCADConverter has a full range of tweakable options allowing you to set your exact compression levels, add a watermark if you wish and have total control over photometic interpretation.

  • Full Command Line Control

    A simple graphical wizard means you can convert SVG to TIFF via command line even if you're not a power user by making a customized Command File (BAT) that you can re-use or tweak further at will. Command line pros can benefit further from the full range of option flags they are free to interact with at any time.

  • Take Things Further With A Server-based Install

    The TotalCADConverterX variant of the product is built for server use and can be silently called remotely or even integrated directly into client apps with the aid of Active X.

  • Killer Conversions At A Knock-Down Price

    At this $100 price point, you're just not going to come across a more fully-featured command line SVG converter elsewhere online. Don't believe us? Find out for yourself with our free 30-day trial!

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021
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