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Server PDF Converter

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Total PDF ConverterX is a server converter that exports batches of PDF files to various file types. This helps to adapt information stored in PDF for any possible need. While there are a lot of desktop solutions of this kind, Total PDF ConverterX is the only server-side converter with such a big set of converting options. With its help you can:

Green PlusConvert PDF files to Doc, TIFF, HTML, XLS, XML, etc.

Green PlusConvert numerous PDF files by one command

Green PlusApply specific formatting for output copies

Green PlusRun fully automatic conversions (no popups)

Green PlusDevelop your own PDF converter

This is a perfect solution for corporate needs, as one single license is enough for all users. Basically conversions are run via command line, as no graphic interface is provided. All settings are specified by command line parameters.

Using ActiveX you can port Total PDF ConverterX functionality into another web application. It is possible to develop a graphic interface to enhance usability and make it easier to adjust conversions. This product is basically a converter SDK that can be adapted for your own needs. It makes much easier the whole process of converter development, suitable for both desktop and server applications. Programming adds up to configuring converting features according to your needs and adapting the code for appropriate user interface. This universal library can be used for C#, ASP, PHP development.

A big advantage of Total PDF ConverterX is the ability to apply basic formatting for the future file copies. For instance, if you convert PDF to graphics, you can apply image compression to cut copies in size. If you convert PDF to texts, you can select font type, size, margins, etc. As a result you get PDF source copies ready for further use.

Download Total PDF CovnerterX and try it for free. Check how useful it is for your needs!

  "Thank you very much for all your help. The TotalPDFConverter is working great. This was a much needed fix when one of your competitor's product would hang when ran from a Windows service. Your cooperation and prompt response has been a real life saver in allowing us to meet our customer's deadlines."

Michael J. Balmer
Lead Integration Engineer
Quest Diagnostics

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Thu, 21 Oct 2021
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