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Server PRN Converter

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Total PDF ConverterX helps to extract the information from PRN files and make it usable for various needs. This way PRN originals become compatible with various programs and can be edited according to your purpose. This tool is an SDK for PRN converter ASP development projects that contains easily portable code. Even inexperienced programmers can implement PRN converter without any problems.

This server PRN converter works as a server-client application too, so you can just install and setup it on your web-server, and use for servicing users in your local network. It requires no adjustments on each client's computer, so one license is enough for a whole network. Using simple PRN converter command line parameters, users can export PRN originals to:

Green PlusPDF

Green PlusDOC

Green PlusHTML

Green PlusTIFF

Green PlusXML

Green PlusTXT

This is only a short list of all available conversion modes, and each of them implies specific settings that can be optionally used. For instance, if you want to set margins, font type, size and other formatting settings, send proper command line parameters when convert PRN files on web-server. You can also do so that all settings are specified via user interface, in the way it is done in desktop Total PDF Converter. For this you need ActiveX. By default for this PRN converter no GUI is available. In the SDK you download there is only a code that provides converting functionality and can be ported into your programs.

If you would like to make a web service that offers converting PRN to various formats, you may use Total PDF ConverterX as a PRN converter PHP SDK. Use proper code fragments to integrate specific converting modes or integrate the whole script to port all available functions. It is compatible with PRN converter C# development projects as well.

Download Total PDF ConverterX here and check the code samples to see how it is integrated into the apps.

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Buy Total PDF Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Thu, 30 Sep 2021
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