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  Converting photos made by Sigma photo cameras helps to make them compatible with different image editors, viewers and printers. Native Sigma format is X3F, it is a RAW file type that is incompatible with the most of modern image processing software. You can fix this shortage by using Sigma image converter that transforms X3F files to any format you wish. This can be JPEG or TIFF, depending on your needs. The solution that covers all possible needs in Sigma images conversion is Total Image Converter.

It has the in-built support of all graphic formats used today, so you are able to optimize your Sigma shots for any purpose. Moreover, you can even choose between different ways of conversion. You can convert raw images:

  1. With the aim of program's GUI
  2. From the command line
  3. From the context menu
Using Sigma converter via GUI allows making all necessary settings via handy wizard that is perfect for inexperienced users or those who are not keen to coding. Command line support is suitable if you need to do conversions in the background mode. Using simple command code you can use all facilities of Sigma image converter just as in GUI-version. Integration to the context file menu helps to convert some Sigma photo without launching program's interface. It is ideal if you need to convert one or a couple of files.

Regardless of what target format you choose, this Sigma software provides fully adjustable conversion, you can choose compression modes, colour palettes and image size. Adding watermark helps to protect images from unwanted use. You can even crop specific image area for converting it to separate file. And all this is done quickly and efficiently.

A lot of users already got rid of all compatibility problems of their Sigma photos. It is the simplest way to convert any number of Sigma photos in the minimum of time. Get the one for yourself!

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