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Split PDF Invoices

No business is complete without invoices. Since invoices are commercial documents that list all the items provided by the seller to the buyer, along with their quantities and prices, then naturally the larger or more successful a business, the more invoices there will be.

Till a few years ago when offices had paper documents and files, invoices, too, were on paper. But now things have changed. These are days of paperless offices where digital documents and files have taken over; so naturally invoices, too, are now digital. Although they come in various formats, the preferred one for invoices is PDF, for the simple reason that it is the most secure and dependable format around. Once saved in PDF, a file cannot be edited. This means that now office computer hard disks have lots of PDF files saved on them.

Invoices in PDF format mean more safety, but it doesn't necessarily mean that their processing has also been simplified. Invoice processing still takes up a lot of time and hard work - from the time they arrive in offices, to the time they are posted into the accounting system.

These invoices may either be single-paged or multi-paged, depending on the number of items bought. Sometimes during the processing, or perhaps at a later stage as well, a single page of an invoice is required. Or maybe instead of the complete file, just two or three of several pages are needed. Then what should one do?

This is where a PDF Splitter comes in handy. A PDF Splitter is a very useful tool that can split any PDF file into smaller PDF files, leaving the original intact. It may be split by pages, by page ranges, or by bookmarks, whatever the case may be. It's very important that one has the option of extracting a certain page or pages from a multi-page PDF invoice. PDF Splitter from CoolUtils allows that. The best part is that it is very simple to use and is very fast.

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So, offices that obviously have invoices in PDF format, must also have PDF Splitters to easily split invoices when there is the need to do so. Any office is incomplete without a PDF Splitter.

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