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PDF Splitter

Split Multi-Page PDFs

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a software-, hardware-, and OS-independent file format that describes text documents that contain various design elements, such as fonts, images and graphics. PDF documents can consist of a few pages or hundreds of pages. PDF files are compact in size, and therefore they are easy to transfer online.

PDF Splitter from CoolUtils is a new software tool intended for dividing multi-page PDF documents into separate ones. The best thing about PDF Splitter is its intuitive interface, so it is an easy cake for even a newbie. It does not take ample experience to learn how to select, extract and pages or specify bookmarks.

By aid of PDF Splitter, you can split multi-page PDFs with just one click of a button. Actually, this is all you have to do, because most actions are performed automatically.

How to Split Multi-Page PDFs

Splitting PDF documents with PDF Splitter is a breeze. There are several ways you can go about your PDFs:
  • Extracting all pages
  • Extracting only selected pages
  • Dividing pages into separate files by bookmarks
  • Splitting by blank pages.

With the help of PDF Splitter, you can extract pages and combine them as your most suitable fashion. For instance, you can make three ten-page documents out of a 30-page document, or divide the original document into even smaller parts. The program features an automatic page renamer. However, you can specify the starter digit. The program names pages according to the following template: [Name].page#.pdf, where # is the number of the page (for example, Agreement.page7.pdf). The enumeration will start from your selected digit. PDF Splitter also enumerates pages based on the number of those already present in the destination folder. If you have, for example, 8 pages in the folder, the name of your newly added document will be Agreement.page9.pdf.

download pdf splitter

The tool also splits multi-page PDFs by blank pages. It creates a new document every time it meets a blank page. You can also set it up to split documents by more than one blank pages in a row.

The program features a wizard that will guide you through the whole process. You can either leave the default settings or make your own settings. Besides, there are 2 ways to handle the tool: via interface and via command line. Buy it right now or use the free trial version, which is valid for 30 days.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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