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Convert TGA to TIFF

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Total Image Converter offers a variety of conversion options, which can help you to edit your target image in your most preferred way and ensure the best image quality you can possibly achieve. This converter enables you to edit images in your preferred fashion. It features a great number of options, so you can watermark, rotate, resize and crop your images. Besides, you can see what your output image is going to look like using the built-in image viewer.

This image converter works really fast. It converts a few images instantly. It takes minutes for it to render a hundred TGA images in TIFF. There is no big difference in how to convert one or a few files and batch-converting. You only need to select the right button, which is easy game.

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How to Convert TGA to TIFF

If you have collected a bunch of TGA images and would like to save them the platform-independent TIFF format, there are just a few simple actions for you to do.

  1. First, you should run the program.

  2. Second, select the folder with TGA images in the file tree.

  3. Third, check/uncheck images to be converted.

  4. Fourth, select the target formt in Convert menu or toolbar.

  5. Firth, follow the wizardís instructions.

  6. Sixth, click 'Start' to convert.

Convert TGA to TIFF

In between, you can crop, resize, rotate your mages and apply watermarks. Press the respective buttons, which are located right above the image list. Use the viewer and adjust image quality, position, etc.

Click TIFF in the upper bar or navigate Convert menu. The wizard will give you settings, among which you will see the already mentioned resize, rotate, crop and watermark. Other options featured in the wizard enable you to adjust image quality, set names, comments, etc. You do not have to get any drilling. The interface and the wizard are laid out in an intuitive way, so that you can memorize everything as long as you progress. The last thing you should do is click 'Start' button and wait until the program completes conversion.

With this tool, you can make TGA into TIFF from within various programs using command line support. Also, you can launch it via the right-button menu. Right-click on a TGA file and select 'Convert to'.

This TIFF TGA converter has two versions: license and demo. The former is available on our official website, so you can select your preferred payment method and purchase it right now. The latter is free, and it is valid for 30 days.

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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   Updated Tue, 09 Oct 2018

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