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  Why Save TIFF as JPEG? TIFF (Tagged Image File Fomat) is a raster file format for digital images. TIFF files have tags, which may indicate the image's dimensions and other characteristics, or contain compression options. Because programmers have been reluctant to take efforts to support all the options, most of today's TIFF files are based on a 32-bit uncompressed image. TIFF files are used extensively in image processing tools. Due to large size, TIFF images are not easily transmitted over Internet.

Total Image Converter can solve this problem in less than a minute. JPEG is a much more suitable format for online transmission, because it uses a larger degree of compression, and therefore it is more compact. All you have to do is to get a good JPEG converter to convert TIFF to JPEG.

Why Purchase Our TIFF Converter?

Total Image Converter is the most advanced and versatile tool intended for converting image files from one format to another. It supports all image formats and hence it can stand in for at least ten different converters and do the whole job in a matter of seconds! The program's robust and easy-to-use interface explains everything, so it does not take expert knowledge or ten-year experience to convert TIFF into JPEG.

This unique TIFF converter utilizes a number of newly incorporated features, which make it a treasure for web designers and photographers. Total Image Converter uses batch conversion mode, so you can deal with a hundred of files just as fast as with one file. With the help of a built-in image viewer and thumbnails, you can preview files to be converted and view already converted files.

While using this image converter, you can rotate, crop and resize your images to meet your individual requirements. You can also watermark your images! That will prevent illegal use of your images in the web.

Total Image Converter can be used conveniently within other programs via command line. It also integrates with the operational system, and the Convert to option appears in the right-button menu, once the program is installed. Total Image Converter is a shareware. It is readily available online for only $24.90. There are no hidden costs for this tool. Once you have installed the registered version, you are entitled to regular and free upgrades. There is also a free trial version of the program, which is valid for 30 days since it is downloaded.

What our clients say:
"I am quite busy with the scanning of some 6000 slides. This will result in 6000 TIFF-files of some 100Mb each. I bought TotalImageConverter to convert these files to JPG. Thusfar I only used your software 2 times to convert r a total of 500 TIFF files to JPG. Apart from license key problems have been solved everything went very easy.
Ton van Hasselt
Jet Reports Benelux

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