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Combine TIFF images into 1 Multi-page PDF file

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TIFF files are not widely supported by all image viewers, and it is not comfortable to share TIFF images by email due to their big size. You can find a way out of this problem with the help of Total Image Converter. It will be far more convenient to share a batch of images turned into one multi-page PDF file. This way you will significantly compress TIFF pictures and make them easy to view and share.

Total Image Converter does conversion and combining in one single action. You just need to check off the 'Combine' option in settings wizard, and everything else will be done by the program. Its interface is very easy to work with. Even a first-timer will find it straightforward. First you need to gather all source images together, creating a batch of files for conversion. Then press PDF icon on the top, and you will see a settings wizard appeared. The main thing is to specify Combine mode. This is done by checking the option of the same name in Select destination menu. The rest of settings is optional, including:

  • Image transformation (you can resize images, crop them or rotate)
  • PDF compression
  • Paper format
  • Orientation
  • Properties
  • Watermark (either frame or text)

Just go through the tabs of the wizard and setup parameters you wish to use. When finished, press Start! You will get your TIFF images combined into a single PDF document.

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Such conversion can be done in command line mode. A command for standard TIFF to PDF combining is the following:

ImageConverter.exe C:\Files\*.tiff C:\Converted -cTIFF -cimt onefile

This command will convert all TIFF images from the Files folder into PDF, combine them to one result file and save it to the Converted folder.

Try both modes in 30-day free trial version of Total Image Converter. Download the program here.

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 18 Mar 2021

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