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TTA tracks usually are big in size, and storing music in TTA format requires big memory space that is not always convenient. You can reduce the size of such files if convert TTA to AAC using some music converter. This lossy compression format provides better sounding quality than MP3 on the same bitrate.

Total Audio Converter features such type of converter in a way handiest for user. It makes it possible to convert TTA to AAC in batch, managing with all music tracks in a one single conversion cycle. Usually converting music requires the same settings for each track. If there is no batch conversion support, you need to make the same settings as many times, as many files you need to convert. With this TTA AAC converter you need to make settings only ones, and they will be applied to all source tracks in a batch.

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The settings offered for TTA to AAC conversion are the following:

  • Destination (set location for AAC copies)
  • Combine (when convert more than one track in batch)
  • Fragment (you can convert specific fragment of a track, if process one file)
  • Quality (choose the required quality level from 10 to 500)

Convert TTA to AAC

You can also adjust TTA converter to save the original quality of sources, if you want to save it maximally. You can set any of these parameters or leave them with default values. In any case the program will produce clear copies of your TTA files in AAC format.

You can run this audio converter from the command line. Just enter the proper command to cmd line, and Total Audio Converter will perform conversion without need to launch GUI.

Download Total Audio Converter here in free trial version. Try it out and then upgrade to a licensed version.

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   Updated Wed, 18 Aug 2021

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