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Convert TTA to APE

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Limited compatibility of certain music formats makes users convert them to other file types. Converting TTA files to APE is rather specific task, and very few converters support both these formats and can perform such type of conversion. Total Audio Converter provides ability to convert TTA to APE in a quick and reliable manner. You can get APE copies of TTA tracks within seconds, significantly saving your time.

It is very easy to export music to different formats with the help of Total Audio Converter. You can turn TTA files to any of these formats:

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • APE
  • MPC
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • WMA
  • AMR

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To make it work as APE converter, you need to press APE button in the offered list of formats after selecting proper TTA source tracks. The process of conversion is the same for any supported format, so it is very easy to use the program for various types of conversions. APE format is lossless music format that means files in it will weigh more than TTA sources. If you convert many TTA files to APE, you need to take care about free memory space for storing the converted copies.

Convert TTA to APE

Total Audio Converter is very handy for exporting many music tracks to a new format. It can convert TTA to APE in batch processing all the files at the same time. It saves your time significantly, as you will need to make settings only once for all sources.

If you require combining all sources into one output track, use 'Combine' option of the settings wizard. Also this TTA converter allows converting a specific part of the source track. Using built-in player, you can set start and end points of the track fragment, specifying them in seconds.

Total Audio Converter is an excellent choice for exporting music to various formats. This audio converter is available in a trial version for free testing. You can get it here.

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