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Convert TTA to FLAC

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TTA is a lossless audio codec that helps to compress music with minimal loss in quality. When compressing music up to 30% in size, there will be no quality loss at all. The shortcoming of this format is its limited compatibility with modern players. To solve this problem, users usually convert TTA to FLAC format that is supported by much more playback software. FLAC is also a lossless audio format, so when converting TTA files to FLAC, you can be sure that the quality will be saved.

To perform conversion of many TTA tracks quickly you will need a software converter that can convert TTA to FLAC in batchprocess all files by one command. Such utility is Total Audio Converter. This program is able to convert any number of TTA tracks easily and correctly, creating their separate copies or combined FLAC track that contains all source files. As conversion to FLAC doesn't imply the choice of compression modes (as it is lossless codec) and has no additional conversion parameters, the process of exporting TTA files to FLAC is very simple.

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If you need to use the program as a FLAC converter, you need to:

  • Form a batch of source files in TTA format
  • Choose FLAC as a target format
  • Go through the wizard tabs to make required settings
  • Enable conversion process by pressing 'Start!'

Convert TTA to FLAC

If your sources located in a folder with different types of audio tracks, you can sort TTA files from them by applying a proper mask. This TTA converter also has 'Select All' option that allows to checkmark all files in a folder by one single click. Handy user interface simplifies each conversion step. It will be maximally comfortable to run the program for exporting your music to the suitable format.

If you would like to have a powerful and easy-to-use audio converter for affordable price, Total Audio Converter is the most suitable solution. Donwload it now!

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