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Convert TTA to MP4

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When you need to convert TTA audio tracks to MP4 format for further use in video sounding, it is better to use a software converter that provides enough adjustable settings to get MP4 files with the quality you require. A tool that can convert TTA to MP4 in advanced but simply-to-use way is Total Audio Converter.

When you first open the program, you see that all sections are comfortably located so that everything is on hand. A navigation tab is on the left. Here you need to select the folder where the source files are located. When you click on some folder, the audio converter will display its content in the central tab of the program window. Here you can comfortably checkmark required source files. You can select all files by clicking ‘Select All’ button or check off files one by one.

As Total Audio Converter can convert TTA to MP4 in batch, you can select any number of TTA tracks for one single conversion. You can even specify the whole file folders as source for conversion. In this case the program will convert all audio tracks the selected folders contain.

Convert TTA to MP4

Other advantages of this TTA converter include:

  • Ability to combine all TTA tracks into one MP4 file
  • Ability to extract specific fragment of TTA source into a separate MP4 file
  • A choice of quality level for the output copies
  • Leaving sounding quality similar to original one
  • Built-in music player that supports all audio formats

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When the sources are chosen and a button with the desired conversion format is pressed, you will see a settings manager appeared. Here you can adjust Audio converter, setting the most suitable options. After settings are made, press 'Start!' to enable conversion. That's all you need to get MP4 copies of your TTA tracks!

Download Total Audio Converter for exporting your music tracks to the right format. Here you can get both licensed and trial versions.

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