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Total Thunderbird Converter Pro is much more than just your average file converter. Not only does it allow you to convert emails from either your Mozilla Thunderbird client or from MBOX files into PDF, DOC, TIFF and XML at the push of a button, it also features a number of unique functions to simplify your life even further. One of the most useful of these functions has to be the ability for you to automatically stamp Bates to Thunderbird emails.

stamp bates to outlook

Bates stamping or numbering is far and away one of the most common indexing systems, especially for tax advisors or those in the legal profession. In the past, some poor individual had to spend hours upon hours manually adding Bates stamping onto to each document, but luckily computers have made it easier by allowing you to automatically stamp Bates to PDF files. Still, rather than having to go back in and do this after the fact, Total Thunderbird Converter Pro saves you even more time and effort by allowing you to include page counts and Bates stamps into the margins of each page as they're being converted.

The software lets you choose the exact parameters of your numbering system, including the desired number of digits and the starting number. If you are converting multiple files, you can choose whether to use sequential numbering that continues throughout each file or start the numbering over with each new file.

Bates stamping all of your converted emails makes it simple to index the files, allowing you to instantly find whatever page you need. To make things even easier, Total Thunderbird Converter Pro also gives you the option to rename each file name so that it includes the beginning and ending Bates number.

CoolUtils is definitely changing the game one conversion at a time. Still, you don't just have to take our word, as with the free 30-day trial of Total Thunderbird Converter Pro, you can find out how easy it easy to convert emails to PDF and stamp Bates all at one time.

With Total Thunderbird Converter Pro, you have almost complete control over your converted files. In addition to the Bates stamping function, the software also gives you a huge range of other customization options, including:

  • Add in customized headers and footers, which can include page counts, date or specialized text like 'confidential' or 'attorneys eyes only'
  • Adjust document margins to ensure Bates stamps and other chosen headers/footers appear unobstructed
  • Adjust the appearance of the output PDF files using CSS
  • Create non-searchable or password protected PDFs
  • Combine multiple emails into one file

Total Thunderbird Converter Pro runs fine on Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (GUI and command line).

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