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Total Audio Converter FAQ

The Most Powerful Yet Easy-to-use Audio Converter

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Who benefits by TAC?

All music lovers. TAC gives you the freedom to listen to your flac song in your iPod (just convert it to mp3!). Or change bitrate of your WAV file. With TAC you are not limited to some 2-3 formats that your player supports.

What's the difference between the trial and registered versions?

Trial version expires in 30 days. The registered version does not. The registered version is free from any 'buy me!' nags;)

Total Audio Converter does not accept my reg key!

Make sure you have entered it accurately. Do not enter it manually, just copy and paste it into the program. If the problem presists, contact our Support Center at [email protected], they will send you the new key.

I can't convert WMA files

Your wma files can be copy-protected. Refer to the site you downloaded them for full info about your right to copy those songs. If you are absolutely sure that your files are not protected, contact our Support Center at [email protected] We will do our best to convert your particular song.

How do I convert more than 1 file?

Check the checkboxes of that many songs as you need. If you want all of them to be converted, press CheckAll button below the list of tracks. Then hit Convert To button and follow Wizard's instructions.

How to convert a file?

Launch TAC, select the file from the file tree and press Convert to [target format]. Answer all the Wizard's questions and press Finish. To get the idea of the process view 3 minute tutorial here.

Where do I find converted songs?

In the folder which you set as destination folder in Wizard. By default, Total Audio Converter places the converted songs to the same folder with the original song. The converted song has the same filename plus (converted) in brackets before the extension. For example, if I convert LoveSong.wma from MySongs folder to mp3 format, I find LoveSong(converted).mp3 in MySongs folder.

What's CD ripper for?

The track on CD's are of CDA format. You can not just copy them to your hard disk and play them. You have to rip your CD, which means taking the tracks from CD and placing them to your pc in the suitable format (often mp3). Insert your CD, launch TAC and press RIP CD button. Follow the wizard's instructions.

Why shall I convert my FLAC to MP3?

FLAC is good for classical music but it's big in size. Besides, most audio players do not support FLAC files. So to make the songs smaller and compatible with all players and iPods you should convert them to mp3.

What operating systems does Total Audio Converter support?

Total Audio Converter runs on Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Do I have codec control?

With WAV, MP3, and audio-only AVI output, you have the full control over sample rate, channel, resolution (8-bit or 16-bit), and bitrate.

What is Windows integration?

That option allows you to convert your audio files right from the desktop. One right click on the selected file and you will see Convert To option added to the Windows context menu.

I lost my key!

Contact our Support Center at [email protected] and they will resend your key to you. To identify you as a registered user they will need your name and emai address that you wrote when purchasing TAC. So if since that time you have changed your email address or name;) please tell them about that.

I can't register TAC

After the purchase you get an email from Technical Support. It contains the key and the attached file. If you failed entering the key into the program, double click the attached file. If the problem persists, contact our Support Center at [email protected]

TAC tries to access my email client!

That's all right and the program is not going to get your contact list and spam all your friends;) TAC goes to your email clients in case some error occurs and the program tries to send a report about that to our technical department.

How to use the command line?

AudioConverter.exe /source/ /destination/ /options/
Here are some examples:
AudioConverter.exe C:\Music\*.ACC C:\MP3\ -cMP3
Convert all ACC files from this folder C:\Music to MP3 format and place the converted files to folder C:\MP3.

Audio List

Create an audio list like List.txt. Execute the command line like
AudioConverter.exe -list List.txt C:\MP3\ -cMP3
TAC will convert all the songs from list.txt to mp3 and place the conveted songs in folder MP3 on your disk C.

What audio format is the best?

It depends. You should test it yourself, and choose which one better suits your needs. For the best possible quality - Lossless (FLAC, Monkey's Audio). For high quality at high bitrates - Musepack (MPC). For high quality at the most bitrate (80~160 kbps)- Tunes AAC, Ogg Vorbis. For the best compatibility and small size - MP3 format.
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