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Are you looking for an audio converter with free download? It is rather difficult to make a right choice among existing music converters, as all of them are advertised as ultimate solutions with all possible functionality included into the program pack. Total Audio Converter from Coolutils and Switch Audio Converter from NCH Software were analyzed to define which one is more user-friendly and functionally powerful.

Total Audio Converter vs Switch Audio Converter

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The conversion process in both these converters starts with defining required source files for conversion. Total Audio Converter offers in-built navigation that allows easily find required sources, even if they are located in different memory folders. Switch Converter has no in-built navigation. At first user needs to add items into the program file list and after this select required source files.

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Both audio converters offer free download and support batch conversion (converting many files at a time). However, Total Audio Converter is more efficient, as it allows selecting the whole folder or a few folders as a source for conversion. Switch Audio Converter requires selecting each source file separately. When processing big number of files, this can take much time.
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As for the set of adjustable audio options, they are different for each format. Speaking about converting to MP3, both converters offer a choice of constant or variable bitrates, allow to set specific location and channel mode for converted files. Additionally, Total Audio Converter provides the next options:
  1. Changing the file name when converting one file;
  2. Combining converted files into one track in case of batch conversion;
  3. Converting a specific audio track fragment instead of the whole file during single conversion;
  4. Adjustable samplerate;

Both audio converters support an impressive set of formats. However, Switch Converter lacks for widely popular options like converting tracks from YouTube or Rip CD. The latter feature is available in Switch Audio Converter only in separately installed application.

Speaking about usability, Total Audio Converter is much handier. Its compact interface leads the user through conversion process step-by-step. Switch Audio Converter seems much more complicated in use, however its functionality is limited compared with TAC. Additionally Total Audio Converter allows to upload the converted tracks directly to any player or flash drive that is plugged in.

Finally Total Audio Converter is cheaper than Switch ($19.95 instead of $40).

Taking into account all aforementioned comparisons, Total Audio Converter seems more reasonable choice among audio converters (free download).

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 16 Dec 2021

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