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Total Icon Organizer   

Advanced search for icons in huge collections for designers and developers.

Total Icon Organizer catalogues your icon collection and gives you advanced search options. Designers, site builders, developers usually have thousands of icons. It's hard to find the necessary one in such huge collections. Total Icon Organizer can help. In contrast to image organizers it is designed to work with large amount of icons (up to several millions) - fast.

Total Icon Organizer scans you hard drive for images (ICO, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF). Then you can search an image by:

  1. File type (ico, jpeg, bmp, png, gif)
  2. Width (i.e. all icons between 16 and 32 pixels)
  3. Height (i.e. all images between 32 and 48 pixels)
  4. A word name contains
Combining these search options you get accurate results. Note that you can exclude certain icons from results using Except fields. This option helps you to find icons which file names contain Cross but exclude those that contain Red.

After you find the icon you save it to your folder for further work. It's handy, fast and easy-to-use. Grab your free trial copy now.





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Windows 8 Compatible
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