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Total Image Watermark   

Image Watermark - professional yet easy tool

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ImageWatermark is a new watermarking tool with widest opportunities yet easy-to-use. First, it can solve the task of aplying watermark for digital photo protection. Second, it can convert images to other formats (more than 30 image formats are supported!). Third, ImageWatermark can resize, crop or rotate images. All done with few clicks. ImageWatermark is a must have for graphics designers, eBay sellers, or photographers.

Applying logo with ImageWatermark is most adjustable. You may change it's transparency, choose the position of your logo and select dozens of effects like: shadow (also inner shadow for relief view), emboss, bump, rotation, mask. The radius of the logo can also be set. ImageWatermark will also adapt the size of the logo to the size of the image. Aply frame to your logo to make it more attractive.

Apart from the logo, you may add comments to your images (sure with lots of settings - position, font, color, shadow) - everything from 'It's My Photo!' to the copyright symbol.

With Image Watermark you can easily change the image's size: resize it or crop from any side. Note that cropping in ImageWatermark is smth most convenient - you may either set the cropped part in pixels or just rectangle the area with a mouse. Rotate image for comfortable view: Image Wtaremark can either get orientation from EXIF tag or you can set the image orientation manually.

What is important you always have the chance to see the result in the instant preview window. Use ImageWatermark to effectively protect your images from unauthorized use or just add text or your logo to the picture. Try it for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out that it is really worth its money.

Buy Total Image Watermark NOW!
(only $24.50)




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Key Features

  • Apply logo, company name, site URL, date and time or any custom text to images.
  • Handles over 30 image formats
  • Watermarks pictures one-by-one or in batch
  • Angled, outlined, gradient or texture filled, 3D shadowed, inner shadowed, embossed and engraved texts
  • Extracts EXIF info
  • Converts images
  • Crops images
  • Rotates images
  • No limit of watermarked images
  • Supports symbols (e.g. )
  • Live preview of the result

Windows 8 Compatible
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