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Total Resource Changer   

Change The Program Resource From The Command Line

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Total Resource Changer is a reliable utility to modify the version number fields of an EXE or DLL. Delphi and C++ developers find this program invaluable. Total Resource Changer saves your time and effort. You change the resource numbers in seconds via command line.

Total Resource Changer allows editing specific version number fields individually or increasing the last value. Examples:

Set the new file version and product version:
trc c:\MyProg.exe -fv -pv sync

Increase the latest value to one digit:
trc c:\MyProg.exe -fv 1.2.3.+1 -pv sync

Total Resource Changer provides you with the easiest way to change the Product Version numbers. Once you need to update the program for your customers Total Resource Changer will help you. Total Resource Changer works with any exe or dll and is not limited to Delphi or C++.

Total Resource Chnager is avalable as a free demo version. Just hit the Download button to get your copy without any obligation. You may purchase the registration key later, when you are satisfied with the program.

Buy Total Resource Changer NOW!
(only $37.60)




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Windows 8 Compatible
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