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Total iPod Converter   

Convert any video to your iPod, iPhone, iPad.

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video to iPod

convert video to iPod

Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7

Convert any video to your iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Do you want to convert your video to iPod, iPhone, iPad? You have to know what file types your device supports, the resolution values, bit rate, sample rate and lots of other tech details. Alternatively you may use Total iPod Converter that already knows everything about Apple's products. You select the video file and then choose the device. The program automatically sets the best values. In few minutes you get the video in the right format ready to be uploaded to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Total iPod Converter supports iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV. All these products require different settings that you don't have to now with Total iPod Converter.

Total iPod Converter convert video files from your hard drive as well as from the web. If the desired video is on YouTube, Vimeo, or Sevenload, just paste its url into the program. Besides, Total iPod Converter can rip DVDs. So now you can easily convert video from DVD to iPod!

You may want to combine several videos into one and upload it to your iPod. Total iPod Converter helps you with that. Select as many video files as you want and check Combine Videos Into One option.

We have been developing different converters for over 10 years. So you may rely on Total iPod Converter as it has been thoroughly tested by usability experts and thousands of users. The interface of the program is very easy-to-follow. Select the video files and the device. That easy! Advanced users may try different bitrate, sample rate, volume level.

Download your free trial copy now and convert video to iPod, iPhone, or iPad easily!

Buy Total iPod Converter NOW!
(only $14.90)




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