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Do you often need to resize an image? If you are the owner of a digital camera you will no doubt often come back home with heaps of fresh photos where smiling faces of your best friends are followed by images of nature or the luxurious food cooked on the campfire. You would like to post those pics on an Internet forum you visit, or add them to your home page (if you have one). But the problem is that jpeg image files created by your camera are really huge and can't be used for those purposes. You need to resize them first, but sophisticated graphic processing packages like Photoshop or Fireworks take ages to load, their cost is prohibitive and anyway you probably can't figure out how to use them: there are so many features you don't actually need.

What you really want is a simple utility that gives you an image converter and an image resizer in one, but doesn't overload you with the diversity of features typical for professional packages. Convert JPEG to BMP to edit the BMP afterwards; convert the corrected BMP back to JPEG without losing quality; resize the image to make a forum avatar or a new beautiful addition to your home page - that's, basically, all you really need.

Total Image Converter is just the tool you need in this case. It is a powerful image converter that supports not only the above-mentioned BMP and JPEG image formats, but also many others. It is also a good, easy to use image resizer you can use to resize, rotate, or mirror all types of image files.

To convert your BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF or ICO files quickly, try Online Image Converter

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    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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   Updated Sat, 02 Oct 2021

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