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If you need to have a convert Excel feature the only suitable solution is Total Excel ConverterX. It has no competitors in terms of functionality and reliability for the applications. It offers powerful feature package for exporting Excel files into any other document format with the help of simple commands.

Total Excel ConverterX is easily integrated into environment. It differs from the OS converter version by the absence of graphic interface and ability to be used by multiple users at a time. The functionality is pretty the same:

  1. The program converts Excel files to more than 15 different formats that fully cover any kind of conversion needs for XLS files.
  2. User can process numerous files by one command that significantly simplifies the process of converting big file batch.
  3. Adjustable formatting options help to modify the look of converted files to the way you need. The parameters differ from one format to another.
  4. When converting XLS files to graphic formats, you can choose specific compression mode to reduce the copies size, if you are limited in memory space.
  5. Ability to set specific file name template that will help to store converted files in the right order without the need to rename them manually.

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There is no need to install Total Excel ConverterX to each computer in the network, as it is with the desktop version. Installing it once on a web server you make it available for use by all network members. It helps significantly to save money on corporative converting software. If you need to integrate Total Excel ConverterX into some web-application, you will also need Active X. Integration of a converter for Microsoft Excel files to your based system can become a part of your web server. In such a way its functionality can become available online.

If you are not sure whether Total Excel ConverterX suits your needs, you can always try its 30 days free trial version.

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Buy Total Excel Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Mon, 12 Apr 2021
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