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VOB is a modified MPEG-2 format with Menu and Subtitles streams added to make it an ideal movie storage format for DVD disks.

It is easy to convert VOB to MPEG. Actually, all you need to do is change the file extension to .mpeg or .mpg. But to convert VOB files to AVI, you need to use some sort of file format converting software, like Total Movie Converter.

Why choose Total Movie Converter from CoolUtils

When you convert VOB files to AVI files using Total Movie Converter, you get the following extra benefits:
  • You can choose the codec for the AVI format (DivX and Xvid are available by default; if you have another one installed on your system, you can use it too).
  • You can choose the desired TV standard while converting VOB to AVI.
  • The movie can be resized if you prefer to playback it using your cell phone or a palm PC.
  • The audio stream used in the output AVI file can be re-coded using PCM, IMA or MP3 standards, and you can also choose the Bitrate to optimize the size of the AVI file and the quality of sound.
  • There is a handy Preview feature, and, as usual, batch convert and command line options.
  • We offer a trial period.

Total Movie Converter is not just a VOB to AVI Converter, it's all-in-one solution. You can also convert MPEG, WMV, FLI, MPG, MTS, MOD videos.

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Total Movie Converter is being continuously improved and enhanced. We are planning on adding more useful features. Feel free to contact us and suggest adding any new features you need; we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

"Eve got the new key you sent her. She loves Total Movie Converter as much as I do and I just gotta say this level of personalized product support is pretty rare on the internet these days. I've tried other programs over the years but TMC is the only one where you just have to go click, click and it converts! Never mind the fact that ALL the rest choke on .m2vs."

Thanks, David K

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Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2021


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