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Convert VSD to PNG

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vsd converter

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For unlimited sharing and posting it would be better to extract diagrams from VSD files into image format. For instance, you can convert VSD to PNG images using Total CAD Converter. It is a program made for exporting drawings to images, PDF documents and printable formats. In PNG diagrams will weigh less, being more adapted for sharing. Moreover, PNG format is supported by all modern viewers and image editors.

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Total CAD Converter features more than ten conversion modes, offering to turn VSD files into:

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • TIFF
  • PS
  • PLT

Many other formats are supported. No matter what format you select, the order of actions is similar. First you need to choose what files you need to convert. Then set VSD converter into required target format. Just press PNG button in the top of the program window. A popup settings manager will appear, offering to set required parameters. As PNG is a graphic format, a lot of graphic options are available. You can convert Microsoft Visio (.vsd) files in original size or resize images to required dimensions. Rotation is also available. You can even desaturate original diagrams, settings colors to black and white palette. For protecting future copies from unlicensed sharing, Total CAD Converter offers watermarks - put a watermark with author's name onto the images, and no one will be able to use them as his own materials.

Convert VSD to PNG

Total CAD Converter cares a lot about your time. Often there is a deadline when a lot of documents should be prepared. For such situations the program offers to convert VSD to PNG in batches, converting each batch of files as easy as one document. Doing all the settings once, you can process all diagrams together. It may take you only a minute.

A present from CoolUtils is 30 days of free trial use. Download Total CAD Converter here!

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Buy Total CAD Converter NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Fri, 12 Oct 2018
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