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Convert VSD to TIFF

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To open VSD file, you only need to have MS Visio application installed. These files contain data diagrams and algorithm schemes. To use them like images you can convert VSD to TIFF in Total CAD Converter. All graphic elements will be exported to a new format, and you will be able to setup their look.

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Most likely TIFF copies will have bigger memory size than their VSD originals. That is why, if you export many files, take care you have enough memory space on your drive. If diagrams are big in size, after exporting to TIFF each one can weight tens of MB. Total CAD Converter is able to convert VSD to TIFF in batches for quick and stressless processing of all your files. Convert VSD diagrams all together, assigning the same settings for each. For conversion into TIFF you can set the following parameters:

Green PlusSpecific location

Green PlusImage transformation (resize, crop, rotate)

Green PlusTIFF compression

Green PlusColors

Green PlusPaper format options

Green PlusWatermark

Convert VSD to TIFF

All these parameters can be used in default values. Otherwise you can change them to correspond to your requirements. Watermark is useful when you convert Microsoft Visio (.vsd) files to TIFF for public sharing. They will show the author's name or any other info you need on the images. Compression may help to cut TIFF copies in size, there are about 10 different compression modes offered for your choice. Besides these settings, you can select the manner of conversion. As a standard way VSD converter exports each original file into a TIFF image. You can convert all sources into one TIFF file. Grouping diagrams in one file is useful, when you need combine many elements from different drawings together for further editing.

Total CAD Converter is shareware: you can use it for 30 days free. Download it here and convert VSD files to various formats!

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   Updated Fri, 12 Oct 2018
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