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iPad tablets are widely popular today and lot of users would like to use them in full. And watching videos is one of the main features this all-in-one device offers. If you have a video collection that is not supported by your iPad, you can easily solve this problem using Total Movie Converter. This utility can convert video to iPad, making any format and resolution compatible with this popular device.

An average user is not aware of what exactly sizes and resolutions iPad support. So it is hard to deal with different converters that offer simply format-to-format conversions. Total Movie Converter offers much easier solution.

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This video converter simply has convert to iPad format option. All you need to do is to press iPad button in the Device category. Additionally to making your source files compatible with iPad, you can do the following:

  • Extract specific video fragment and convert it to iPad
  • Change frames per second rate
  • Rotate video to any possible direction
  • Choose required audio parameters (samplerate, bitrate and channels).

convert video to ipad

In general iPad supports H.264 videos 30fps and up to 1280x720px, as well as videos encoded in MPEG-4 codec, up to 640x480 px. Total Movie Converter uses these formats for optimizing movies for iPad. What you need is only to enable iPad converter and set it in the way you need, changing the mentioned options parameters or leaving them with default values.

If you need to reduce file size maximally, choose the lowest available frames per second rate – 20 fps. You can choose a few predefined variants from 20 to 30 fps. The higher is this rate, the bigger file size is.

With Total Movie Converter you do not need to think how to convert video to iPad, as this program does everything by itself. Just download it and use with ease!

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Buy Total Movie Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Movie Tutorial
(only $29.90)
   Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2021

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