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Convert Video and Add To iTunes with Total Movie Converter

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Convert Video and Add To iTunes

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Apple devices have become very popular lately. iPhones and iPads have replaced notebooks and cell phones since they are way more functional. With these devices, you can take pictures, shoot videos,play games and do much more.

However, if you want to watch a movie on your iPhone or iPad, you should remember that these devices do not support standard computer-based video formats. To upload a video onto your iPhone or iPad and then watch it, you need to convert the file into MP4.

The best way to do it is download video converter. Total Movie Converter by CoolUtils is a converter that meets your needs best. It is multifunctional, giving you a chance to convert videos to iPad, iPhone and many other devices as well as to merge videos and convert them from one format into another. For example, devices supported by Total Movie Converter include:

  • Pod
  • iPhone
  • Zune
  • Apple TV
  • Archos
  • Creative Zen Vision
  • Xbox

The list of supported formats is even bigger, as it contains AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV and more.

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To convert video and add to iTunes the new files, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Total Movie Converter from CoolUtils website. You can get the free 30-day trial version or a fully functional paid version with a life-time license.

  2. Install Total Movie Converter and launch it. Simply open the EXE file and proceed with the installation process. To launch the program, use the command line, Start menu or desktop icon.

  3. Select the files you want to convert. The converter automatically creates a list of files available on your computer, so the only thing you need to do is tick off the video files you need to convert.

  4. Select the device you'll be using to watch the video from the list of supported devices and click "Start!" to begin conversion.

  5. Once the process is complete, connect your Apple device to the computer, open iTunes and drag the new video files to iTunes. Now you are ready to synchronize!

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