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Visual Renamer   

You won't imagine renaming template that Visual Renamer can not perform!

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Does your work involve a lot of file renaming procedures? Do you have to rename files on a daily basis? Renaming a couple of files per day wouldn′t be a hard task, but what if you have a bunch?

Choosing a good file renamer

A good professional file renamer with a well thought up, friendly interface and a high level of usability is a solution. When the actual process of file renaming is visualized, and you just move blocks of operations and define renaming rules for groups of files, it turns the routine into a fascinating game. That′s basically what Visual Renamer is about.

The blocks cover file name, extention, folder name, file path, mp3 tags (to rename music mp3 files), EXIF and THM info to work with photos. The operations are LowerCase, Upper, Capitalize, Replace, Insert, Delete and Counter. By combining them artistically, you can solve any task related to mass file renaming. If you are not sure of the result, the Preview function will show you the supposed result of your current renaming rule. This way, you can check and double check what your files will look like before you actually rename them. Visual Renamer will also transliterate your file name if you wish.

VisualRenamer has a unique option to generate a log file in csv format each time a rename is performed so that you can save a record of your renaming task and import it into Excel and Access.

The file renamer is equipped with another interesting feature. Any renaming rule presented as a graphic diagram is duplicated as a script written in a special programming language specific for this file renaming utility. Users that have certain programming skills may prefer to set their renaming rules using the script option, in which case the diagram will be generated automatically. By switching between the tabs, you can see how both presentations of the renaming rule are updated and synchronized in real time.

Also, Visual Renamer may be run from the command line allowing for use in batch files or can be launched from within other programs.

Visual Renamer has a number of unique features that no other renaming utility supports. That includes:

Try it for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out that it is really worth its money.

We do create examples on demand! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to use our component for the tasks that do not have examples yet. We will do our best to help you out!

DocConverter Visual Renamer in our blog:

  • Delete Numbers From File Names - rename in batch
  • Buy Visual Renamer NOW!
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    What are users saying

    "The program is fantastic! Actually I've been using it for some days but the time it has saved for me is quite big (and I can use it in some more pleasant way than to manually rename 800+ files)." "This file renaming utility is the one I've been looking for. Well-thought and quick. Many thanks for your good job that makes mine so much easier."
    "Due to your great product i forgot about dreadful renaming hundreds of files manually. It's really amazing!" "Hi! I'd like to say how much happy I am to have your program. I'm not speaking about batch renaming - that's just great. Besides, Total Renamer renames files by mp3 tags and I like its funny interface."
    "The program is a lifesaver. It saves me renaming literally thousands of files to a format I created with relative ease. It took me 15 minutes to get it running and I am excited about it."

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    File Rename Preview1

    Key Features

    • Renames files in batches
    • Renames by extention, folder name, file path, EXIF and THM info
    • Rename by file groups
    • Mp3 tags rename
    • LowerCase, Upper, Capitalize, Replace, Insert, Delete and Counter
    • Undo option
    • Renames karaoke files
    • Preview the result
    • Command line support
    • Transliteration
    • Great interface
    • Renaming rule presented both as a graphic diagram and a script
    • Still easy-to-use

    Windows 8 Compatible


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