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  WMA, which stands for Windows Media Audio, is an audio data compression technology from Microsoft and is mostly used when it comes to music files. Initially, this format was developed by the world's leading software company to compete with such popular audio formats as MP3 and RA. However, it evolved into something that is beyond any comparison and is currently as widespread as other audio formats.

Unlike MP3, WMA files are also available in lossless format, which makes them very attractive for music fans who value sound quality. The problem, however, is that oftentimes users do not get the quality they are looking for. This has resulted in many complaints about WMA and criticism of this format by leading software developers.

If you want to be sure in the quality of sound when playing audio files, you have 2 best options:

  1. make sure that the file is saved in lossless format
  2. download WMA convertor

The first option is, of course, very safe, but you have to be ready to purchase software that supports lossless formats. Another downside of this option is limited choice of music in WMA lossless format. As for now, this format is being used only by a couple of online stores to distribute music online. The second option is beneficial in all respects. With the help of a good WMA converter you will be able not only to convert WMA files, but also to play them. One of the programs you should consider downloading is Total Audio Converter by CoolUtils.

Unlike many other applications for conversion of WMA to MP3, Total Audio Converter is suitable for processing of files to more than 3 dozen formats (WMA, WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, MPC, APE, CDA, TTA, etc.). It is very easy to use for beginners who have never before dealt with converters. Still, it has proved to be very useful for professional users as well because the functionality of the program is not limited to basic functions.

You can try CoolUtils' Total Audio Converter for free right now. Just download the trial version from the official website and enjoy the simple and efficient audio conversion tool.

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
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   Updated Sat, 19 Dec 2020

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