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Convert WMA to FLAC in Batch

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WMA, audio format used by Windows Media Player, is very popular among computer users. However, the quality of audio files saved in WMA leaves much to be desired. More and more music fans prefer FLAC (or lossless audio) these days. There is an easy way to convert WMA files into FLAC and improve their quality. All you need is a good WMA FLAC converter - one like Total Audio Converter designed by CoolUtils.

Total Audio Converter is a perfect tool for music conversion that features a user-friendly interface and a command line mode at a low price. It has extended functionality, allowing you to convert WMA to FLAC in batch, convert WMA, MP3, FLAC, MP4, AAC, OGG, WMA, APE and many other formats. On top of that, you can even use the converter to rip CDs and grab music from YouTube.

Here's what you should do to convert songs in batch using CoolUtils batch audio converter:

Green PlusEvidently, you need to download audio converter. CoolUtils offers a 30-day free trial copy of its music converter for everyone. Check it out now!

download audio converter

Green PlusInstall and open Total Audio Converter. The program can be used via command line or GUI.

Green PlusSelect the WMA files you want to export into FLAC. The list of files available for conversion is generated by the tool automatically. Thanks to batch conversion mode, you can process over 100 songs at a time.

Green PlusSet FLAC as the target format and begin conversion. You can adjust the settings of the output file(s) by changing bitrate, samplerate and channels. Also you can combine several songs into one audio file.

Green PlusClick "Start!" and relax. Total Audio Converter will do the rest for you!

Convert WMA to FLAC in Batch

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