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How do you convert WMA to M4B?

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Actually, M4B is a file extension of MP4. Just like M4A files, M4B files are audio book files that contain metadata, such as hyperlinks, images, etc. However, M4B format is specially designed for audio books, and it supports the bookmark function. This function permits to pause a book and then resume the playback from where it has been stopped. Actually, M4B files are M4A files; the only difference is that M4B can be bookmarked.

Why Convert WMA to M4B?

M4B files have a number of advantages over MP3 and WMA files. They present sound quality comparable to that of lossless compression formats, being, at the same time, even smaller in size than WMA files. But the main reason is to create audoi books for iPods.

WMA M4B converteriPod AudioBook is a trove for iPod users! Since not all formats can be played on iPod players, users often have to convert their extensive WMA and MP3 collections to formats compatible with portable players. In this situation, a good WMA M4B converter will come in handy. iPod AudioBook will run circles around any other existing converter!

iPod AudioBook is the user-friendliest software tool ever. You donít have to be a software expert to master it in a matter of minutes! The intuitive interface will tell you everything, and the Wizard will suggest conversion settings. iPod AudioBook integrates into Windows. Therefore, you can manage your WMA files right from the desktop without opening the utility. Just right-click on a WMA file and select Convert to in the popup menu.

iPod AudioBook has command line support, so it can be launched from within other utilities. This function is available to registered users. With the help of batch function, you can convert several hundred files with just one click of a button and just as fast as one file!

By aid of the built-in audio player, you can check the quality of both source files and target files. To convert WMA to M4B, select the folder with WMA files, check your files to be converted and select Convert. Select Make audio book. Follow the instruction, offered by the Wizard.

You can purchase iPod AudioBook online for only $24.50. If you are not sure, please, download the free trial version and use it for 30 days to see how easy it is to work with!

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Buy iPod AudioBook NOW!
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   Updated Mon, 23 Apr 2018

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