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With Total Webmail Converter Pro, it is now easier than ever to stamp Bates to Gmail emails and convert them to PDF files all in one simple step. Paralegals and tax advisors can quickly save all of clients' Gmail emails to standards compliant PDF and PDF/A document with bates numbers on each page.

stamp bates to outlook

Total Webmail Converter Pro even gives you the option to combine multiple emails into one PDF file, as well as to rename your converted files using a template. There's also the option to rename each file to its beginning and ending Bates number to make it even easier to find what you need when you need it. Users can also take advantage of all of the following benefits and options:

  • Convert Gmail to DOC, TIFF or XML in addition to PDF
  • Apply bates
  • Convert and Bates stamp attachments along with their emails
  • Choose sequential numbering for all documents or reset the numbering for each file
  • Adjust document appearance, margins and page size
  • Add headers and footers
  • Encrypt and password protect your output PDF files

For large batches of emails, fast batch processing is crucial. Total Webmail Converter Pro was designed to manage thousands of files in one go.

Best of all, there's no need to back up your files beforehand, as the software works directly through your Gmail client - all you need to do is confirm your account and you'll be ready to start selecting the files you want to convert and Bates stamp in an instant.

There's no doubt that Total Webmail Converter Pro is hands-down one of the easiest ways to stamp Bates to Gmail emails, and thanks to our free 30-day trial, you can find out for yourself today risk free. Stop wasting your time individually converting your emails to PDF and then adding Bates stamping to each file and instead let Total Webmail Converter Pro do it all for you.

Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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