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CoolUtils Pro bundle - Winter Report 2012

We worked hard in 2012 to enhance our products. Apart from bug fixes we have added several new options. All our converters run faster now due a new technology introduced last year. Besides, all of them support PDF/A format (both in and out). Find the list of new options in the programs below.

Good news: if you purchase CoolUtils Pro bundle upgrade now, you will get all the major upgrades of our programs released in 2013. All your new keys are valid till January 2014! Email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

As a registered user you get all the new versions with 70% discount:

$29.70 for 50 programs!

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Total Audio Converter

- The new version supports both short and long YouTube urls.

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Image Converter

Total HTML Converter

New - now supports ODT as the target file type. Convert HTML files to OpenOffice formats!

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mail  Converter

Total Outlook Converter

Convert Outlook emails.
New - supports OST files (offline folders file in Microsoft Outlook).

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Total Webmail Converter

Converts emails from Gmail, Yahoo and any POP3 account.

New- converts emails from Zimbra and Lotus.

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tiff pdf cleaner

Tiff Pdf Cleaner

Detects and deletes blank pages from PDF and TIFF files.
New - now can add the name of the file to the header and footer of each page.

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image box

Total CAD Converter

Converts CAD files (dxf, dwg, dwf, etc.)

New - adds watermarks now.
- New Crop option.

-New output formats

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xls converter

Total Excel Converter

Convert XLS spread sheets.

New - has an improved engine to convert XLS to PDF and HTML.

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mail  Converter

PDF Splitter

Split PDF files as you like!

New - new option that provides you with a detailed report about your PDF files

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Image Converter

Total Image Converter

It can convert, crop, resize or watermark any image in no time!
New - allows selecting BW algorithm when converting JPEG to PCX.

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Convert New Files Automatically?

No problem. We have developed a most time-saving tool - Total Folder Monitor. It watches any designated folder and when the new file arrives executes predifined action. In plain words Total Folder Monitor automatcially converts to other format any incoming file. Just think how much manual work can be done automatically by CoolUtils software!

Learn more about Total Folder Monitor to automate more of your everyday routines.


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Winter Report 2011

Oct 18 - New Total PDF Printer has been released. Now you can print a folder of PDF files & then move the files to a different folder (-msuccess).

Oct 8 - We have fixed an issue in Coolutils Converter where some messages in HTML were not showing correctly.

Sep 18 - New Total HTML Converter has got an update with a few important bug fixes (large radius, paged layout).

Sep 16 - New Total Mail Converter Pro offers enhanced option to fit extra wide tables from emails to PDF files.

Sep 10 - New PDF Combine 7.0 is live. New options for creating combined PDF scans, e-books and songbooks.

Sep 06 - New Total Excel Converter 6.0 is live. Convert XLS with with charts.

Aug 14 - New Total CAD ConverterX supports DWFX to PDF conversion.

Aug 07 - New Total CSV Converter 4.0 has been released. Process zipped files without additional steps.

July 23 - New Total Webmail Converter now converts emails from G Suite to PDF, TIFF, DOC, TXT, EML.

July 09 - New Total Audio Converter can convert audio files to ALAC.

June 11 - New Total XML Converter can process url-encoded XML files. We've also improved the highlight tree in HTML and PDF outputs.

May 9 - Major upgrade of Coolutils Mail Viewer has been released. View attachments together with emails in one app!

Apr 16 - Using the latest update of Total CAD Converter you can change the version of DXF and DWG files.

Apr 04 - We have added PDF/A to the target format bar in the new Total Mail Converter Pro.

Mar 25 - The new Total HTML Converter has can convert HTML to EML.

Mar 15 - The fresh Total HTML Converter has improved support of files in Hebrew.

Mar 05 - The new version of Coolutils Converter can convert .zip, .7z, .rar archives into one PDF.

Feb 27 - The new version of Total CSV Converter suggests you selecting output encoding for your files.

Feb 07 - Select encoding when you convert XLS to XML with the new Total Excel Converter.

Jan 28 - The new Total Outlook Converter Pro converts PST to PDF with the Fast Web View option.

Jan 17 - The new Total Image Converter supports HEIC images.

Jan 16 - The new PDF Combine has got Optimize for Fast Web View option.

Jan 15 - The fresh Total Audio Converter can get music from SoundCloud.

Dec 18 - The update of Total Excel Converter has been released ("Range check error" fixed).

Dec 13 - The new Total Audio Converter 5.3 allows converting all videos from a YouTube channel you choose.

Nov 15 - The new Total Excel Converter now supports Excel 2019 files.

Nov 13 - The new PDF Combine deletes blank pages before merging. Get new clean combined documents!

Oct 29 - The new all-in-oneCoolutils Converter 3.0 has been released. It got two new output formats: JPEG and TXT.

Oct 29 - The new Total Image Converter can optimize your JPEG, PNG, GIF images for the web.

Oct 22 - The new Tiff Combine can merge TIFFs and auto-rotate them by the text direction.

Oct 22 - The new Coolutils Outlook Viewer can save your contacts as a VCF file to import to Thunderbird or other email clients.

Sep 13 - The new Coolutils Converter can detect the true file type and process it accordingly. Just in case you have an HTML file with a .pdf extension.

Aug 28 - The new Total CSV Converter has got new options of making the header bold and column autofit.

Aug 27 - With the new Total Mail Converter Pro you can include a date range so you can easily narrow your batch of emails.

Aug 20 - Total PDF Printer can now print selected range of pages.

Jul 2 - Total Audio Converter has been online for 10 years! 30% off celebrating!

May 17 - New PDFSplitter Pro now processes large files 10 times faster.

Apr 05 - New 64-bit Total Mail Converter has been released.

Apr 02 - New Total HTML Converter processes images from MHT files better now.

Feb 15 - New Total Outlook Converter Pro has improved appearance template editor.

Nov 20 - Coolutils supports students and teachers worldwide offering 50% edu discounts to our apps.

Oct 30 - View EPS files with our new free EPS Viewer.

Oct 12 - New 64-bit OST to PST Converter has been released.

Aug 22 - Total CSV Converter has been updated. Now you can choose the codepage for your CSV.

Jul 20 - New Total PDF Printer Pro 4.0 is live.

Jun 19 - All Coolutils converters now have improved support of right to left languages (Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew).

Jun 16 - The major upgrade of PDF Combine Pro with a new List option.

Jun 5 - New Total CAD Converter now supporst extra large DXF files.

Mar 16 - New free Coolutils OLM Viewer has been released. View OLM files without Mac!

Mar 10 - New PDF Combine Pro got 'Back to Contents' option.

Feb 23 - New Total Mail Converter Pro has been released We have improved the compression level of output PDF files a lot.

Feb 22 - New RAW file types MOS and KDC have been added to Total Image Converter.

Feb 07 - New Total Image Converter can now draw image annotations while converting TIFF images to PDF, JPEG and other file types.

Jan 19 - New PDF Combine can now add a Cover page to your combined PDF.

Jan 5 - New PDF Splitter can now extract last few pages.

Nov 15 - New Total Doc Converter can now save every page of a multi-page Word file to a new TIFF.

Nov 10 - New PDF Combine Pro has been released. Add you cover page to the combined PDF right before the table of contents.

Sep 12 - New Total HTML Converter has been released. We've improved TML to XLSX conversion a lot.

June 20 - New Total PDF Converter now converts PDF to PDF/A in batch.

May 18 - New Total CAD Converter now supports DWG\DXF 2016 files.

May 10 - New PDF Combine Pro now supports emails as input files. Combine PDF, DOC, MSG, EML to PDF.

Apr 20 - New Coolutils Converter now allows users to put a limit to the resulting PDF files.

Mar 24 - New Total Image Converter now supports multithreading and allows you to take advantage of the unused computing resources.

Mar 10 - New Total Audio Converter has just got "Use source bitrate" option.

Mar 03 - New Total XML Converter now exports images from XML when you convert files to TIFF or JPEG.

Feb 18 - New Total Mail Converter now allows wrapping long lines in 2 ways (MSG to TXT).

Feb 9 - New Total Mail Converter now filters emails by your key words.

Feb 1 - All-in-one Coolutils Converter now automatically detects true file extensions.

Jan 17 - Total CAD Converter can change the line width in your drawings.

Dec 04 - Total Mail Converter and the Pro version now process smiley faces in emails better.

Oct 28 - Total Doc Converter can convert Word 2010 to Word 2003 and vice versa.

Oct 26 - Total Mail Converter Pro can create the PDF with bookmarks corresponding to the PST folder structure.

Oct 21 - Total Audio Converter has got Normalize option.

Sep 10 - Total XML Converter now supports SML and YAML files.

Aug 25 - Total CAD Converter now supports DWFX files.

Aug 17 - PDF Combine can add QR codes to all pages of the combined file.

Aug 14 - Total Image Converter can convert your SR2 raw image files to other graphics formats (TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, BMP, etc).

Aug 10 - Total Excel Converter now supports WAB (Windows Address Book) files.

July 13 - We've moved to 64 bit! Total PDF Converter and Total XML Converter have got updates already.

July 7 - New PDF Splitter can remove selected pages from a multi-page PDF.

June 22 - New Total HTML Converter can convert HTML to PDF and truncate the output to the designated number of pages. June 15 - New Coolutils XML Viewer is released. May 20 - Total XML Converter now supports XSL-FO (.fo files). May 18 - Total Excel Converter now supports Kingsoft Spreadsheets File - ET.

May 05 - Total PDF Converter now supports PostScript documents compressed with .ZIP compression (PSZ).

April 28 - New file type is supported - Total Excel Converter can convert XLTM files.

April 23 - Total Outlook Converter now features advanced filters.

March 27 - Total Mail Converternow supports MIM files.

March 23 - New feature in Total Mail Converter: specific characters are not used in the renaming macros any longer.

March 12 - New feature: Total Outlook Converter now supports Outlook Calendar!

March 06 - Total SCV Converter now supports TSV files.

January 26 - Total PDF Printer Pro has been released. Print PDF, DOC, HTML, XLS, TIFF files in one go.

January 21 - PDF Splitter now can split PDF files by bar code via command line.

January 8 - Total CSV Converter now converts CSV to JSON.

January 5 - Total Outlook Converter Pro and Total Mail Converter Pro now support Visio & MS Project attachments.

January 4 - Total Outlook Converter now converts PST to DOC much better.

December 11 - New Total Audio Converter with an improved support of FLAC has been released.

December 10 - Total PDF Converter got new option of selecting compression when converting pdf to tiff.

December 1 - Total PDF Converter has got new shortcuts for signing and ecrypting PDFs.

November 27 - Total Doc Converter now can protect output PDF files from being copied or printed.

November 17 - Tiff Pdf Cleaner can add a part of the filename as a footer in the resulting PDF.

November 12 - Total PDF Converter can add custom headers and footers to PDF files.

October 27 - Total Mail Converter got an important update. Now it can conert MSG to EML with German characters properly.

October 24 - New Total Audio Converter convert GSM or XWM to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.

October 13 - New PCL Viewer has been released. View PCL files for free.

October 09 - Total Outlook Converter has a new Find PST option.

October 1 - Total Image Converter now supports Nikon's RAW .nrw photos.

September 29 - CoolUtils Mbox Viewer has been released. View any MBOX file for free!

September 12 - Total Image Converter has got the old short cut menu bar back.

September 5 - Total Outlook Converter can convert Outook to vCard.

July 14 - The major upgrade of Total Image Converter has been released. Change list.

July 2 - New Total Excel Converter now performs XLS/XLSX to SVG conversion.

June 20 - Total CAD Converter now provides several times faster conversion of CAD files in batch.

June 4 - New PDF Splitter can split PDF files by barcode

May 22 - New Total CSV Converter has become much faster, especially when it comes to CSV to XLS conversion.

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