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If you need ability to convert files from Doc to HTML format in your c# application, Total Doc ConverterX is an excellent tool for providing such feature. This SDK is used for easy integration of document converter into existing web apps. It is as easy to use this Word to HTML library when developing application from scratch, as to add converting functionality later, into a ready-made service.

Mention, that adding Word HTML converter in such a way requires minimum efforts from developer, all you need to do is to setup it in a way you need. All functionality and configurations for data export are already coded, and this piece of code is easily integrated into any c# app. When you download this Word to HTML server converter, you get a development kit that can be extended or cut in any way you wish. You can implement basic Doc to HTML conversion or setup all additional settings, such as:

Green PlusDocument formatting

Green PlusAbility to combine a few documents into one single HTML file

Green PlusApplying CSS styles to the future web pages

All these features can be hardcoded (if you want to convert files with the same parameters) or adjusted manually. For manual settings convert Word to HTML command line parameters are used. If to convert files by the command line (i.e. not via graphic interface), users will need to send conversion requests with proper parameters to a web server, where your app is installed. If you would like to provide some user interface for the converter, you can integrate the converter into it using ActiveX technology. It allows to port separate features into existing applications coded in c#, PHP, Delphi and other languages.

Total Doc ConverterX is very flexible. It is practically a basis for developing some web service for files conversion. This Word to HTML library can be used in a local application, if you need to provide this facility for your corporate needs. Get it here!

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Buy Total Doc Converter X NOW!
(only $550.00)
   Updated Thu, 20 Feb 2020
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