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Convert Word to XLS Command Line

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Word files are often tables, as people are simply used to build data tables in MS Word. This editor allows making tables with reach formatting but lacks functionality for data calculations that makes it limited table editor. If you need to solve this problem in corporate scale, or simply want to waste minimum time on exporting Doc tables to Excel, you should convert Word to XLS via command line. This feature is provided by Total Doc ConverterX, a server-client utility that performs conversions for multiple users at a time.

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This is not simply a converter that provides exact copies of your Doc files in XLS format. You can adjust the conversion process according to your needs. For this Word XLS converter no GUI is made, and all settings are passed to the data processor in command line parameters. The command includes the following:

Green PlusProgram call

Green PlusAddress of source files

Green PlusLocation for the future copies

Green PlusConversion format

Green PlusConversion settings

When you convert Word to XLS command line conversion settings are optional. With their help you can combine all source files into one XLS document, setup fonts, paper size, etc. If not to specify these parameters, the program will just generate an exact copy of Doc originals exported to XLS. This server Word converter processes data quickly and correctly, so you can be sure that no data will be lost or corrupted. This is very important when you deal with statistic reports or some other technical information.

A big advantage of Total Doc ConverterX is its ability to work fully in automated mode. Bound with Total Folder Monitor it converts files from specific folder once in a predefined period of time. For providing UI for Word XLS converter ActiveX can be used.

Total Doc ConverterX is highly flexible server-side document converter. Get it here and try for free!

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Buy Total Doc Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Thu, 11 Nov 2021
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