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Convert XHTML to DOC In Batch


We've all found ourselves needing to convert XHTML to DOC at one time or another. It could be for the purposes of printing or simply to have a copy of a web page you can easily share or view offline.

Importing directly into Word is a task nobody relishes and if you're looking to convert several files it's going to be even more troublesome. That's where Total HTML Converter comes into play - a powerful batch XHTML converter that can handle any task.

Say goodbye to trying to export XHTML to DOC or worrying about how to change an .XHTML to .DOC and let our specialised software do the heavy lifting for you!

You can easily combine several XHTML files into one DOC file and add pagination and image watermarks to the header or footer of every page.

You also have control over setting your paper size, orientation and margins and can take advantage of our fit-to-page option to avoid tedious manual resizing. You can also select whether you wish to print backgrounds or print included images.

The option to enable Javascript comes as standard with additional functionality in place to gracefully handle any resulting slow scripts.

Total HTML Converter can output to a range of formats in addition to DOC with PDF, ODT, XLS, and JPEG being just some of the options.

Power users are free to use Total HTML Converter via the command line and its intuitive graphical interface makes it a perfect fit for all other types of users who may not be as technically inclined.

The software is also available with a number of licensing options covering everything from personal use up to Enterprise implementation.

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We've been helping people solve their file conversion problems since 2003 and are happy to put our expertise to the test. Download a free trial copy of our software and see for yourself how much time and effort it could save you and your team.

We're also always happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact us via Facebook or our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Updated Wed, 15 Jun 2022

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