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DBF format is currently outdated, but it is still used by many database management systems. However, one of the most popular formats for storing data tables now is XLS, Microsoft Excel's native format. If you need to export Excel to DBF, there is no better solution than Total Excel Converter. It offers simplicity in use and high data processing speed. And, what is more, the program supports converting files in batch that is an unquestionable advantage when converting many files.

The only difference from converting a single file is the need to checkmark many files before enabling XLS DBF Converter. In the file list put a mark near each required source. After this press DBF button in the format bar and you will see the options list popped up. Here you can:

  • Set location where converted files will be saved
  • Adjust file name template (this can be a file name + page/sheet number)
  • Set conversion of each page(sheet) to separate file

convert XLS to DBF in batch

These settings can be skipped. In this case the converted will work with default settings, converting each file separately. Converted copies will be named in the same way as their originals. It is recommended to convert XLS to DBF in batch, if you want to save your time on processing lots of files. Be sure that data cells will be correctly exported to a new format, regardless of different syntax of XLS and DBF.

Total Excel Converter works in two modes: via GUI and command line. GUI version requires enabling the program interface, working as a standalone application. If you want to launch conversion in background mode, it is better to use Windows command line. All conversion parameters are defined in simple codes, described in Help menu.

Total Excel Converter is already available in both license and trial version. Choose any and download it here.

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   Updated Mon, 12 Apr 2021

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