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Convert XLS to DIFF

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DIFF is the document format rarely used in modern software, so it is hard to find a converting utility that supports it and can render Microsoft Excel tables to it. Fortunately Total Excel Converter has such conversion modes and offering correct data exporting from Excel to DIFF files.

The program features a range of adjustable conversion parameters, including the following:

  • Destination for output files;
  • File name template;
  • Adjustable numeration;
  • Ability to convert each spreadsheet separately.

All these parameters can have default values or set manually.

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When you convert XLS to DIFF in batch, it is very important to store the converted copies in the right order, especially if you split source files into parts during conversion. That is why file name template option is very useful. You can set any template you like, to sort files by date, by name, etc.

Also this batch XLS converter allows converting each original file table sheet into a separate DIFF file. It is a useful feature, if you want to divide complex multi-sheet XLS source into parts, handy for viewing and editing in a new format. By default Total Excel Converter exports files one-by-one, creating one DIFF file for each XLS original.

Convert XLS to DIFF

You can use this handy XLS DIFF converter in a few modes, as it can perform conversions via graphic interface, via command line and via file menu. In the first variant you set all conversion parameters in the program's window. In command line mode you do the same with the help of text command, specifying all parameters of conversion in code. The last variant, converting files via file menu, is suitable when you need to convert one file. Just click with the right button on its icon and select Convert to option from the menu.

Total Excel Converter is the simplest but the most efficient converter for XLS files you've ever seen. Download it now and test for free!

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