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LaTex is a complex document format that is made for representing different forms of data in one document. If you need your Excel tables to be exported to Latex, use Total Excel Converter. It can quickly convert XLS to LaTex saving document structure and formatting unchanged.

Total Excel Converter is excellent solution, if you need the following:

  • To be able convert multiple files quickly
  • To get correctly converted copies of XLS originals
  • To converter every source page into different LaTex file

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All conversions are done via comfortable interface that makes the process very easy for a user. For instance, when you launched the program, you need to select the folder with originals in the left menu. You do not need to open any pop-ups or something else, the navigation tab is built-in into the program window. After you chose the folder, its content will be displayed in the centre. Check off XLS source files. You can check any number of files, as this is a batch XLS converter that can convert any number of documents in one cycle. You can convert files one by one or process them all in one batch. Usually the last variant saves a lot of time, if there are many documents.

To choose the required format for conversion, press any on the top format bar. If you need to export Excel to LaTex, then choose LaTex button. The process is similar to any format you choose: make required settings in the pop-up settings wizard and press 'Start!' button to enable conversion. If you don't need to set any parameters, just press 'Start!'

Convert XLS to LaTex

If you don't need to save original sources after conversion, just set XLS LaTex converter to delete them automatically. When dealing with lots of files, this will help to save memory space and simply not to collect unneeded files in your PC memory.

Take a free test tour with trial Total Excel Converter version, download it here.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
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   Updated Fri, 01 Oct 2021

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