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Convert XLS to PCL in Batch

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batch xls converter

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All of us have to deal with spreadsheets in XLS format created with the help of Microsoft Excel. They can be easily viewed and edited, but few of us know how to convert XLS to PCL quickly and efficiently. PCL - also known as Printer Command Language - is a file format used to print to a laser printer.

Usually, all of us have hundreds of XLS formats containing several sheets that need to be printed out. Manual conversion of XLS files into PCL format will take very long. This is why CoolUtils has designed Total Excel Converter - a powerful batch XLS converter that is perfectly suited to process hundreds of spreadsheets at a time!

Download Total Excel Converter now. A 30-day trial version is absolutely free and requires no registration! Upon the expiration of the trial period, you can uninstall the program or update it to a fully functional paid version without having to reinstall it.

download batch xls converter

Green PlusLaunch Total Excel Converter via GUI or command line (whichever is easier for you).

Green PlusSelect the XLS files you want to convert to PCL. You can select over a hundred of files for conversion in one go.

Green PlusSet PCL as the target format by clickling on the button that says 'PCL'.

Green PlusIn the new window, click "Start!" to convert XLS to PCL in batch with default settings... or

Green PlusSet the new destination folder and create the file name template, then click 'Start!'

Convert XLS to PCL in Batch

Conversion will begin automatically and will take only a few seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of XLS files being processed.

For batch conversion of XLS spreadsheets into PCL format on a server, please, try Total Excel Converter X. This is an advanced version of Total Excel Converter installed on a server and designed for corporate use. Learn more about these converters and other CoolUtils products by contacting customer service center.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 25 Jul 2018

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