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Total Excel Converter X

Convert XLSX to PDF Via Command Line

PDF files are a pleasure to read but a pain to produce and that is nowhere more obvious than when you are trying to wrangle Excel-based content into a suitable PDF format. For many use cases, the ideal solution is having a server-based converter quietly and efficiently processing your files in the background rather than battling with the intricacies of separate applications.

Our Total Excel Converter X software is the perfect tool for this and many other tasks. It is a fully-featured server XLSX PDF converter and handles a huge range of further input and output formats with ease. The software's support for ActiveX means you can even integrate its functionality in your own web-based applications.

Having a server based XLSX converter available in the background is a huge timesaver for many types of businesses and the software ships with a number of options that are particularly useful when dealing with conversion to PDF:

  • You can convert every page of your source file to a new file if required.
  • Several XLSX files can be combined into a single output PDF file with ease.
  • A powerful built-in renamer is available that lets you add counters or worksheet names to your outputted file names.
  • Large tables can be easily accommodated with options to fit by width or height.
  • You can add logos or barcodes to the header or footer of your pages.
  • You have full control over paper settings such as size and orientation.
  • Output files can be encrypted.

Fans of the command line will be delighted to hear that Total Excel Converter X can be called directly via that route. The ability to quickly convert XLSX to PDF via command line is a great option to have at your fingertips when you are looking to quickly process some local files without too much context switching or having to fire up a GUI.

Over a decade of continuous improvement and refinement has gone into making Total Excel Converter X the most fully-featured server based conversion tool on the market. A huge range of input and output formats are supported and we are confident it will match and exceed your conversion requirements.

Download a free trial copy today and start taking control of your conversion workflow!


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