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Very often statistical information, data with various calculations are stored in tables handy for viewing and printing. When stored in XLSX, data are very convenient for building diagrams, making various reports, etc. If you need to enrich your XLSX tables with pictures and other types of data, it is better to convert XLSX to LaTex format that was originally created for storing various types of information comfortably in one single file. A program that can create high-quality LaTex copies of MS Excel tables is Total Excel Converter.

This utility supports a big range of formats for converting XLSX files, so you can make them compatible with any software you have. In such a way the information in Excel tables becomes usable for various purposes. You can convert Excel 2007/2010 files to the following formats:

  • LaTex
  • SLYK
  • DIFF
  • DOC
  • SQL
  • CSV

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Choosing required conversion mode is made by clicking on the proper button in the top format bar. If you require converting Excel to LaTex, you need to press 'LaTex' button. Then you will see the settings manager offering you to adjust the conversion process. For such type of conversion there is no many settings required. Just specify the destination address, file name template and numeration format. If needed, you can also set page-per-file conversion, when the XLSX LaTex converter exports each table sheet into a separate LaTex file.

Convert XLSX to LaTex

If you don't need to save output copies in any specific location in computer memory and have no requirements to the file name template, you can convert original tables with default settings. LaTex copies will be named similarly to the sources and stored in some default location. As this is batch XLSX converter, you can convert any number of files at once.

Total Excel Converter is already available in updated version that can be downloaded here.

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   Updated Fri, 01 Oct 2021

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