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New to the Total Excel Converter, users can now convert XLSX to MHT. In just a few quick clicks you can take your Microsoft XLSX spreadsheet files and turn them into archivable MHTML documents! Our easy to understand GUI makes saving XLSX as MHT both simple, and fast. By taking advantage of our .bat file technology, you'll even be able to set command line parameters to your jobs.

You see, the XLSX to MHT Converter lets users work directly within the command line. Regardless of your skill level, this robust tool can help you streamline your workflow.

With an emphasis on accessibility our tools help users get the most out of their projects in the modes that they prefer. In addition to the format conversion process, you'll be able to:

Green PlusInclude page numbers.

Green PlusUse original timestamps.

Green PlusModify or maintain folder structure.

Green PlusSave each spreadsheet as a new file.

Green PlusCreate templates to save job settings.

Here at CoolUtils, we specialize in the creation of conversion software. No matter how rare (or normal) a file type may be, chances are we have the solution to all your format challenges. We're also continuously developing and adding new functionality to our existing programs. With more than a decade's worth of feedback and millions of uses, our converters are the best.

See what we mean by trying it for yourself. Download a copy of our 30 day trial version and get started converting your files into more flexible formats. If you choose to upgrade, for a onetime fee of $49.90 you'll receive a lifetime license and all upgrades are free in the first year. Gain access to our support team and begin working with some of the most innovative software around!

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
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   Updated Thu, 16 Dec 2021
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