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Convert XLT to DOC in Batch

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In order to export XLT spreadsheets into DOC correctly, use Total Excel Converter. This tool serves for proper table data transforming. With its help you can quickly convert XLT to DOC in batch. Batch conversion is a way to manage all data export in a matter of seconds. Many XLT files can be processed together and saved each to a separate DOC file. However, if you need to merge all XLT files into one document, use 'Combine' option in settings. The conversion mode is defined in the first tab of settings wizard called 'Destination'. The rest of the settings include:

Green PlusFile name template (available when you export XLT to DOC one source per file);

Green PlusPaper settings (size, landscape/portrait mode, etc.);

Green PlusHeader and Footer (add pagination, date, confidential note or any text you need to each page).

There are two more options in this XLT DOC converter. You can delete originals after conversion, if they are not needed. And there is ability to record all selected settings into a bat file for command line. You will be able to do similar conversions from the command line by running this file. This way you an print XLT to DOC without launching Total Excel Converter from the desktop.

You can convert XLT files without any settings, just select the target format (DOC) and press Start! in the settings wizard. By default the program converts each XLT template into a separate DOC without any changes to formatting. If you do some settings in this batch XLT converter, they will be applied to all converted copies.

Besides converting files in Total Excel Converter you can simply view what they contain. The right window section is a file viewer that supports all Excel formats. Download Total Excel Converter here.

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   Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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