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While they certainly are great for tracking and storing data, not everyone is familiar with (or able to open) spreadsheets. Sometimes it becomes necessary to convert your XLT files into other formats so that others can access the information within. With the assistance of the Total Excel Converter, it's never been easier to convert XLT to MHT format.

Featuring a stylishly simple interface design, our XLT to MHT converter is loaded with options. Now when you want to archive an XLT sheet as a MHTML document, all it takes is a few quick clicks. In fact, whatever your conversion requirements may be, we've got you covered! After 14 years worth of developing great conversion tools, we've learned a thing or two about what people want.

That's why when you save XLT as MHT using the Total Excel Converter you can be sure the target file will be even cooler than the original. Now along with the actual conversion process you can also:

Green PlusStore previous jobs as templates.

Green PlusConvert each page into a separate file.

Green PlusInclude page numbers.

Green PlusKeep original timestamps.

Green PlusReorganize folder structure.

One of the neat things about the Total Excel Converter is that it doesn't only work with MHT; you can convert to over 20 different file types! Support for XLT to DOC, XLT to PDF, XLT to CSV, and many other popular formats are all included. For the advanced users we've added direct command line access to make creating automatic prompts speedy and simple.

There are other converters out there but none are able to match up with the Total Excel Converter when it comes to utility. There's just so much great stuff packed into this small but robust tool! Don't take our word for it - download your own copy today. If you decide to buy, for $49.90 you can unlock the full potential of the Total Excel Convert!

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 16 Sep 2021

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