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Nearly everything we do with computers is driven by data in one form or another. With data coming from so many different sources, the development of OpenDocument standardization became crucial. The project was born and today we have a suite of XML programs based on this new open standard called OpenDocument. But what happens when you find yourself needing to import data from other programs; for example, Microsoft Excel XLT files into an OpenOffice spreadsheet?

That's where we can help! With our Total Excel Converter you can convert XLT to ODS by following a few simple steps. Whatever your project requires are, our converter can handle it. No job is too big. Using our batch XLT converter you'll be able to automate the processing of multiple jobs. All you need to do is specify your files, choose your options, and walk away. Let us do the work for you! Once you see the great options we've included we think you'll agree that converting XLT to OpenOffice format has never been cooler.

Here at CoolUtils, we design tools that let you get the most out of your projects by providing loads of customization options. When you save XLT to ODS you can also choose to:

Green PlusUse the template to create files for each sheet.

Green PlusMerge all pages into one file and vice versa.

Green PlusCreate a BAT file.

...and so much more.

Our advanced users are welcome to work directly through the command line, and for beginners we provide a user-friendly GUI. Both flexible and powerful, the Total Excel Converter is backed by our eleven years experience in the design of conversion utilities. No other conversion program comes close to giving you the options that we do. Featuring support in 13 different languages, we have something available for everyone. Try our free 30 day trial today and see for yourself!

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 21 Sep 2018
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