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Convert XPS to PCL

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To adapt XPS files for printing on specific equipment sometimes they need to be converted to PCL. A program that is able to XPS into PCL correctly is Total PDF Converter.

This program supports a huge variety of formats, and it can be used for turning PDF, XPS, PS files to images, text documents or data tables. You can easily switch between different file types, saving your time on converting many files. You are able to convert XPS to PCL in batch that is a quick and effortless solution for your benefit. Please follow this order of actions:

Green PlusLocate all XPS sources in one folder

Green PlusSet this folder as a source for conversion

Green PlusChoose PCL file type for conversion

Green PlusSetup required parameters

Green PlusPress Start!

Total PDF Converter converts one XPS file in the same manner as the entire batch. There is a slight difference between the parameters of batch and single conversions. In batch mode XPS PCL converter allows setting file name template. Being named by a template, converted PCL copies will be always sorted conveniently, and it will be easier to find a required file in the storage. When converting a single file, file name template is not needed. By default a converted file has the name of original, but with different extension.

The program works from the command line too. All conversion parameters are set in the command that is sent to the converter. Conversion status bar appears automatically, and folder with PCL copies pops up after conversion is done. To find out how to convert XPS files from the command line, read the "Help" menu of the program.

The trial version of Total PDF Converter will show how data is exported from XPS to PCL. Also you will be able to try out other conversion modes!

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   Updated Fri, 21 Apr 2017

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