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Convert XPS to PNG

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xps png converter

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Have you already downloaded and checked the trial version of Total PDF Converter? Has this XPS PNG converter made you feel like you've found your soul mate converter after a half-lifetime search? If it has, you are on the verge of a new life. Total PDF Converter is one of the handiest and most versatile converters you've ever checked. What makes it really unique is the price-quality ratio. You can hardly find a converter with functionality so extensive at a price so low! Now you have found one!

This converter turns XPS into PNG in a matter of minutes. If you are still in doubts, download the free 30-day version on your PC and check it. You will not have to read instruction manuals. Everything will be clear right after you take a look at the screen. What you must be aware of is the target format and output image quality parameters. Even if you do not know the latter, the program will apply the ultimate default parameters, so you can skip it and enjoy life!

download xps png converter

How to Convert XPS to PNG

Green PlusRun the converter and select the folder, which contains your XPS collection. The program will show them arranged in a list. Each XPS file will have a checkbox. If you want to convert a particular file, check it.

Green PlusAlso, this program features the "Check All" function. Press the button below to check the whole group. Select "PNG" in the output format bar or Convert menu. Then navigate the wizard options.

Green PlusHere you can apply a number of settings. Specify destination path for your future PNG files. Apply output quality settings.

Green PlusNext thing you can do is choose to either save your PNG files separately or merge them into a single one. If you have chosen the latter, tick the option. Apply file name templates.

Green PlusPress "Start!" to convert.

With this program at hand, you can convert XPS files using the right-button menu and command line option.

If you have read this manual, you can download the free version and try theory in practice. This is for 30 days only. After that, you are going to have to buy the license version.

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Buy Total PDF Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 21 Apr 2017

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